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Dear Modern Knowledge Schools Families,

Welcome to the 2020-21 Academic Year!!!  It is an honor and privilege to continue to work in such a great school community. This year we are looking to Move the Meter; because change is inevitable but GROWTH is optional. 

This year we are looking to change our: 

Our mindset, focusing on honing students 21st century skills

Our practice, providing face to face learning versus just posting videos 

Our engagement, flipping the classroom so students are receiving some prior knowledge to support their learning thus providing more time for engagement and collaboration 

Our planning, ensuring that we are working collaboratively so that our lessons are content and standards focused, versus teaching style focused.

We are using your feedback, your support, as stepping stones towards true growth, and student development. We want to GROW in our capacity to: learn, teach, and CARE. We want our students to grow in their capacity to be lifelong learners, able to solve the types of complex problems they face in today’s ever changing and ever evolving world.

Our school has an outstanding reputation for establishing high expectations and achieving academic results. Our students’ talents are constantly being developed, through the arts; digital and performance, along with varied co-curricular activities, like MUN, Student Council and National Honor Society. Those may look different this year but they are not going away because now more than ever, students need outlets and opportunities to practice mindfulness. We believe that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better, be better, hence our Motto “Making Kids Successful!”

As the principal, I will support and guide teachers and staff in providing the best educational setting for our students. It is important that both students and teachers are provided opportunities and given the support for this to happen. Together, we will celebrate the successes along the way, while we continue to find ways to improve, to grow. 

In conclusion, I wish you all a very wonderful and successful school year.

My door, even if virtually, is always open; and I encourage dialogue that is focused on making our school even better. 

Dr. Manouchka Pierre

High School Principal

MKS HS National Day Competition Winners

Celebrating National Day

Ms. Sandra Gambiroza and her students created an incredible video tribute to Bahrain, saying “I Love Bahrain” in 30 different languages! 

Ms. Basamat and her students crafted a beautiful tribute to Bahrain’s medical professionals who are navigating the Covid-19 crisis- Thank You to all of the amazing doctors, nurses, and other medical staff persons who are working to combat the pandemic! 

Students in the MKS CAS program under the direction of Ms. Yarnaa Yousif conducted interviews with teachers, alumni, parents, and even grandparents to craft this outstanding series of thoughtful perspectives on life in Bahrain. Thanks to all the CAS students who took part in creating this excellent contribution to our 2020 National Day program!

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