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Dear Modern Knowledge HS Families,

Welcome to Modern Knowledge High School, a school deeply committed to the mission of developing respectful, responsible, global-minded individuals who are lifelong learners who contribute towards a peaceful world.

MKS has an outstanding reputation and we are fortunate to have a diverse group of teachers, staff, and administrators who share our commitment to excellence. Through this commitment, we will continue to evaluate our methods and educational choices while also fostering an academic community that is collaborative, compassionate, and forever striving to meet any challenge.

As Principal, I believe strongly in guiding students to the development of strength of character and to experience learning in ways that are motivational and which provide impetus for action, creativity, and service. Students are very much the center of our educational program and this provides the path to collaborative curricular engagement.

An emphasis on using student data to analyze educational offerings and plan meaningful exciting instruction remain primary goals. Our focus on student learning in a safe, secure environment ensures that each of our students is encouraged to successfully achieve their academic goals while gaining ownership of their learning and enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We want our students to not only achieve their individual best while here at MKS, we also want them to successfully achieve their post-secondary educational goals as well.

 We help achieve student success by using the most up-to-date learning goals for our students and then having our teachers employ the latest research-based best practices in their instruction in the classroom. Most importantly, student success is enhanced through a collaborative approach to learning between administration and their teachers, teachers and their students, and in a partnership between parents and the school.

We encourage you to visit us to learn more about our academic programs and our approach to student learning.

Dr. Cassandra Hazel

High School Principal

Dr. Cassandra Hazel

High School Principal

Lujuana Daniels

High School Vice Principal
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MKS HS Admin Staff

Nabeel Ali

Head of Counselors and Student Behavior

Marian Moein

Grade 12

Mahmoud Shahir

Grade 11

Reem Al Neshar

Grade 10

Sherouk Omar

Grade 9

Eva Bou-Rjeily

High School Executive Assistant

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