Uniform and Attendance

Policy and Procedure

Uniform Policy

All students are required to wear the new Modern Knowledge Schools uniform to attend school. Students wearing clothing other than the new uniform will not be allowed to enter school and attend classes. If students arrive at school dressed in clothing other than the new school uniform, they will be sent home.


Hoodies, jackets, and sweaters other than the new Modern Knowledge Schools jacket are not allowed. Students will be required to give unauthorized outerwear to a staff member upon arrival and will be allowed to pick it up at the end of the day.


The new MKS uniforms are available for purchase at the Uniform Shop inside Gate 12 at Modern Knowledge Schools from 9:00 to 5:00 Sunday to Thursday and Saturday.

Attendance Policy

Punctual arrival and daily attendance in all classes are critical for success in school. Thus, all students shall arrive by 7:15, attend all classes and remain in school until dismissal.


Gates open at 6:30 and close at 7:15. Classes start at 7:20. All students must arrive by 7:15 so they can be ready to begin class at 7:20 and benefit fully from the learning opportunities provided by their teachers. Students who arrive after 7:15 will not be allowed to enter the school, as late arrival to class disrupts the education of other students. Students who arrive after 7:15 will be sent home, unless they are riding a bus that arrives late.


In the case of a medical or legal appointment that results in late arrival, parents/guardians must accompany their children to Reception and present documentation of the appointment. Approval from the student’s Counselor, Assistant Principal or Principal is required for students to enter school late.


Students are not permitted to leave school early except for medical or legal reasons. All requests for early departure must be submitted in writing by parents/guardians along with documentation of the medical or legal appointments. Early departure requests must be approved by the student’s Counselor, Assistant Principal or Principal before the student will be permitted to leave school.  


The Uniform and Attendance Policies will be strictly enforced effective September 15, following a grace period from September 2 to 12.