Our Mission

The mission of Modern Knowledge Schools is to develop respectful, responsible, global-minded individuals: lifelong learners who contribute towards a peaceful world.

Modern Knowledge Schools
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mrs. Parween Kazerooni


Dr. Mohamed Saleh

MKS Philosophy

Students are placed in an educational environment that challenges and enables them to explore, develop, and apply their intellectual, social, physical and creative abilities as well as critical thinking skills in order to function and interact in a dynamically oriented global society. This formal integrated program embraces all learning experiences to assist students in becoming lifelong learners who can positively and constructively have an impact on a rapidly changing international perspective.

Our Beliefs
  • All students have the potential to succeed.
  • Everyone is valued and deserves respect.
  • Everyone has the right to a safe, clean environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Local culture and heritage are an integral part of the learning experience.
  • Family and community support are vital for success.
  • Learning is fun!
Profile of a MKS Graduate

The MKS graduate acts with integrity and honesty, accepts responsibility and is fair and open minded with all. The MKS graduate is a strong communicator in two or more languages, a flexible and creative problem solver who takes academic risks in the learning process, and an open minded team player who employs peaceful conflict resolution skills. The MKS graduate assumes accountability for their own actions and interacts cooperatively with people of all ages and abilities. The MKS graduate has faced the challenges of a rigorous curriculum and is a lifelong learner!  I am proud to be an MKS Graduate!

The successful MKS graduate possesses the following
Characteristics, Skills and Knowledge








Critical Thinker


Technologically Proficient

Lifelong Learner




Fine Arts