MKS Library Media Center

Dear Staff and Students,

I would like to inform you that our HS Library will start its service from 10/ 28/2018 (Sunday).

First of all I apologize that it is too late to begin the Library this academic year due to transferring of books from High school to Middle School and also we received new books for the High school. The process is still ongoing.

I would like to invite all the teachers to use the Library and also bring their students for Research Classes. Please ensure that the students are accompanied by their respective teachers to the Library and also note that prior booking have to be done mentioning the date and time needed etc. personally or by mail.
I have attached the rules of High school Library .Please go through the rules and I hope soon our Library will be a wonderful place for sharing and gaining of Knowledge. I expect all your cooperation to make our Library the heart of this Institution.

Enjoy your Library!

Thank You
Manju Shibu
High School Librarian

Library Media Center Rules

Timings: 7:00 am to 2:45pm

  • Students-7:20 am to 2:00pm with a Pass.
  • Teachers-7:20 am to 2:45pm
  • Library is a place for research and reading so maintain SILENCE while inside the library.
  • Students must bring a pass from their teacher and should have ID card to check out books.
  • Bags are not allowed in the library.
  • Eating, Drinking &use of Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited.
  • Teachers can Reserve the Library for Research in advance.
  • Students can borrow only one book at a time- Fiction or Non-Fiction. Books can be kept for 14 days.To renew the book for further; please bring it back to sign it again.
  • All lost and damaged books will be paid for or replaced by the students.

Enjoy your Library, and Return Books on Time!

World Book E-Library

Greetings, staff, students, and families! In an effort to expand our library program and resource options, Modern Knowledge Schools has teamed up with the World Book Online eLibrary! The World Book Online Reference Center is a student’s best source for accurate and accessible information. It is a comprehensible site that includes the articles from the 22-volume print set, plus thousands of additional articles, videos, links, and activities created by World Book’s renowned university contributors and editorial staff. There are more than 20,000 pictures, maps, videos, and sounds, plus a wealth of learning activities and educator tools.

The following online resources are available to you at school or at home by going to the link below. Please use the username and password below to access this wonderful new resource:

Web address:

Ms. Rasha El Shalabi

HS Librarian

Ms. Manju Ravi

MS Librarian

World Book Online

World Book


World Book Kids features content and tools developed especially for young students. The site offers simple navigation, easy-to-read articles, multimedia, comparison tools, interactive games and activities, and teacher resources.

World Book


World Book Student, the redesigned and upgraded version of World Book Online Reference Center, includes the articles of the World Book Encyclopedia, a Biography Center, dictionary, atlas, an extensive multimedia collection, thousands of editor-selected Web sites, correlations to curriculum standards, and much more.

World Book


Designed for high school and college students, World Book Advanced is a powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic, multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases, fully integrated in a single search.

World Book


World Book Discover, for differentiated instruction, includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video.

World Book

Early World

 The Early World of Learning uses narrated stories with word-by-word highlighting, interactive games, interactive reference material for beginners, and more to help young learners build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency.



L’Encyclopédie Découverte offre des activités pratiques qui aideront les jeunes élèves à s’intéresser à la recherche. Une version de l’enseignant, accompagnée de sujets de discussion et d’une matrice d’évaluation, est disponible pour chaque activité.