Nursery, KG1, and KG2


Dear MKS Kindergarten Community, 

Welcome to Modern Knowledge Schools where we believe that every school day must be optimized for learning and exploration. We take the utmost pride in providing an environment that is safe, educational and nurturing for the students, parents, staff, and community.  

Early Years education is the foundation to learning and lifelong success. We believe in developing the whole child through academics, social and emotional intelligence. This is done through the daily interactions they have and with professionals available to guide them in the appropriate manner. 

Literacy is fundamental. This is why we believe in having a balanced literacy program to develop the foundational skills needed for early readers. It provides students the tools they need to begin to form so that they are able to: communicate, recognize letters, use phonics, read sight words and overall develop a love for literacy.  

Our mathematics and kitchen science will provide cross-curricular learning opportunities to integrate skills needed in everyday life. Students will learn about numeracy awareness, chemistry, earth, safety and so much more. It is truly a hands on learning opportunity that will engage your young learner in a safe and encouraging environment.

At the core of our academic program is character development for children to learn how to be independent thinkers and an awareness of their responsibility as a global citizen. 

Parental engagement and relationships is valued here at MKS. We strive to maintain and improve our relationships with you. Please feel free to speak with us regarding any questions, comments or concerns you may have. We look forward to another wonderful year of supporting your child collectively as a community.


Tammi Monaghan El-Sayed

KG Educational Coordinator

Rasha Montasser

KG Administrative Assistant

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