Sports Program

Modern Knowledge Schools have a comprehensive sports’ program that provides students with a balanced and integrated education system. The program covers several aspects such as social, health, physical, mental and behavioral under the supervision and follow-up of academic and sports specialists.

Program Goals:

  • To build a healthy personality and healthy self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.
  • To direct energy consumption and take advantage of leisure in useful sports activities.
  • To work on the dissemination of sports culture and sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • To raise the level of physical and health effects and maintain proper physical strength.
  • To maximize the skills required in sports games.
  • To satisfy the students need of sports through a planned framework of proper guidance.

Practicing sports regularly helps to confirm that the muscles, bones, heart, lungs and other vital organs grow naturally and properly. Therefore, we ensure that the content of the sports program is varied in its content of sports activities that suit not only the gifted and talented students but also those struggling regardless of the reasons. All sports activities are available to all students according to the characteristics of the developmental stages and their needs.

MKS  is a member of the Bahrain private schools sports league (BPSSL), which allows its students to participate and compete in various sports against other schools throughout the school year. Most leagues and all competitions are conducted after the school day and available for students from Grade 3 to Grade 12. In addition, we conduct the MKS Sports Day for all students from K-12.

Program Means:

MKS was able, within a short period to establish and develop its own sports facilities in a very high fashion and with international standards. The latest sports equipment and tools are given to the student to practice different sports in a professional manner and a safe environment. The School has a football pitch from the industrial lawn,
tow gymnasiums for high and middle schools, as well as a shaded outdoors play court.

The School also provides sports training for sports teams under the leadership and supervisors of sports specialists including the experienced first aid & sports injuries. The program also offers free fun trips to encourage and motivate students who are outstanding athletes and who have advanced positions in tournaments. Towards the end of every academic year a ceremony held to MKS athletes in which they are given a certificate of achievement, medals as well as shields.

Modern Knowledge Schools recognizes the importance of sport as a means of protection against bad habits and negative effects and works to direct its students to play a prominent and effective role in society.

Mohamed Saeed

Athletics Director

Athletics Department

Mr Maged Hammad

High School PE Teacher

Ms Salha Hegazi

High School PE Teacher

Ms Amira Fathi

Middle School PE Teacher

Mr Khalid Shahir

Middle School
PE Teacher

Mr Kinan Kawas

Elementary School
PE Teacher

Ms Hanin Al Samahiji

Elementary School
PE Teacher