Student Council

The student voice of MKS

HS Student Council

The student council is an elected student body whose main role is to represent the high school students of Modern Knowledge Schools, voice their concerns and unify the school community through activities and community service projects. 

Current Projects

We are currently hard at work planning a series of school Spirit Days, monthly competitions, and a rotation of workshops for students to take part in throughout this year. Of course, all of these programs are virtual for the time being. We hope to have some in-person programming going later this year! 

Student council has authority and responsibility to…

  • -Represent the VOICE of the students to the admin.
  • -Enhance the school environment with activities & programs.
  • -Create Leaders who are prepared to serve their communities.
  • -Make Change possible at MKS!

Every year, the elections of the student council take place at the start of the year by casting ballots from each grade level (9 through 12). 

The council consists of students representing all grade levels. To apply for the student council, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

  • -Be in good academic standing (passing all classes) 
  • -Have good conduct and behavior report (Councilor report is required)
  • -Be able to attend weekly (Sunday) meetings after school. 

Each grade level will elect 3 representatives. Each of the representatives will have a seat on the full council.
The President and Vice President of the student council will be elected by the council members. Students may nominate themselves and/or others with a 100 word statement about their fitness to be on the council. Digital elections will take place following the nomination period. The winners will be announced via email. Any student may join Student Council as a non-voting member to participate in council activities. 


Meet our Members!

Student Council Bios

Ahmed Ebrahim AlKooheji

Student Council President

I am an IB student and prospective aerospace engineer planning to hopefully study abroad and participate in an evolving and revolutionary industry that is changing the world. I am also the Student Council President, and as such, my current responsibility is to expend the maximum effort possible to improve the lives of students during their tenure at MKS, at least for the 2020-2021 academic year. Thus, those responsibilities include the planning and execution of as many exciting activities that may be done remotely to bring an element of color to the grey lives that students lead under the new reality of online learning. I am excited to cooperate with both my fellow representatives and with other members of the student body to gather information on the needs and desires of the student body, and to plan spirit days, competitions, and other events according to that input.

Judi Bakier

Student Council Vice President

Greetings! My name is Judi Bakier (or Madame Vice President) and I’m an IB senior student! This is my second year acquiring a position in the Student Council. I’m beyond honored to be this year’s vice president to such a great council with the most dedicated members. Even though last academic year was unfortunately cut short, my commitment to student council during that year was immense and I’m proud to say I contributed and participated in most student council conducted activities. Apart from all the activities I’ve helped organize for student council, I also participated and took part in leadership positions in events such as MUN and the school’s theatrical productions/shows. Realizing my hard work and impact from last year, I developed the confidence to step up and run for a leadership position; it’s safe to say that all leadership positions this year are very well deserved! While we may be unfortunate enough to have such a rough start to this academic year, our duty as your representatives is to aim and try our best to make sure this year is as memorable as can be. We are humbled by the privileges we are given as members of the student council, however, remember that we are here to make this year better than the last, to make your voices heard and speak up for those who can’t; we are here for you!

Joumana Salahedin

Student Council Secretary

Hello, my name is Joumana. I am an IB senior and the secretary of the Student Council this year. As the secretary, I am looking forward to creating and planning events for this school year to make sure students’ school spirits are high and to make this year more enjoyable, despite the circumstances. This year I, alongside the student council members are putting our utmost effort to ensure students are being heard and involved. Through different events and activities, I am excited to aid in the creation of unforgettable memories for all the students of MKS during this school year!

Hashem Alalawi

Senior Representative

A lot of people describe me as energetic. I would describe myself as someone there. I always want to be there for people. It’s something I want people to know about me. I have got through a lot in my 3 years as a high schooler. I have been in student council for all of middle school. But then I focused on studying and did not have free time. Until last year when I joined MUNs all over Bahrain. These experiences were so fun. I knew from then I needed to start organizing events. Then COVID 19 happened and it was put on hold. When I saw the student council sign up I just knew I had to sign up. After a few meetings I adapted learned and had fun. Even though it’s online it is just a great experience. I’m just exited to be part of a community of students who care about making MKS a better school. Ones who are actually dedicated to making a change.

Raghad Sayed

Senior Representative

My name is Raghad Sayed and I am a senior in Modern Knowledge Schools. I have been part of many school events and activities throughout high school, such as MUN, organizing carnival and national day, and being part of think pink. All those events and activities made me believe that I am fit to be part of the council. I know that this year isn’t what we expected but let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best together. I’m really looking forward to have fun things planned out for school this year.

Hanya Abduljabbar

Junior Representative

Greetings everyone, my name is Hanya Abduljabbar and I am a junior at MKS! I am honored to be a part of the Student Council and the National Football Team of Bahrain for Girls. As for my experiences, I believe that being in the student council is a suitable role for me considering the fact that I can initially promote student’s ideas and present their interests! Despite the ongoing pandemic we are facing at the moment, I am mostly exhilarated about attending school physically!

Shaikha Najeeb

Junior Representative

Hey, I’m shaikha najeeb! I enjoy painting, giving back to the community and FOOD! I am an active attendee of the model united nations in Bahrain as well as running groups. I go by Shaix!

Noor Ali

Junior Representative

Hello Dragons! My name is Noor Ali and I am currently one of the four Junior Head Representative of Student Council. As a dedicated student, it has been a priority to broaden my capabilities and skill set ever since the start of High school. I have been able to participate in a diverse ray of events and clubs from all aspects of student life in MKS, and only the absolute best could be said about my experience. Of the events and clubs, I most enjoyed my participation in Modern Knowledge Schools Fifth Annual Model United Nations, the National Honor Society and obviously Student Council! I look forward to the innovations that our circumstances have forcibly put upon us, after all we can is prepare for the worst and hope for the best! 


Zain Jaffar

Junior Representative

My name is Zain Jaffar, and I’m a member of the junior committee as well as a representative of the student council. I’ve had innumerable experiences that made me qualified for this role in the council, as I’ve previously been a representative in it and took on many organizational roles in local charities and school clubs such as Model United Nations. Although the circumstances for this year’s progression are quite odd and uncalled for, I’m very excited to embark on a new journey with my fellow peers and aid them in making this scholastic year as memorable and enjoyable as it could be!

Cemil Aslan

Sophomore Representative

I have always had a strong passion for student council, as I’m eager to implement a positive change not only at Modern Knowledge High School, but in our world. I think student voice is the best vehicle to drive any cause, because at the end of the day it’s not about me becoming a representative, or about what this does for me. I believe the ultimate goal is creating the best experience at MKS for each and every student. So that’s why I vowed to do everything in my power to be your representative, and have a listening ear to any issue, from anyone who may have one. I think that has made me fit for the council. My primary goal as not only your representative but as a person is to make sure that every student is treated equally.  You should have the same great experience at MKS as the next person, which I’m excited about implementing this positive change this year.

Maryam Jaber

Sophomore Representative

I’m Maryam Jaber and I’m a sophomore at MKS this year. I have always heard about Student Council and wished to possibly be part of it. More specifically, to come together with others and unite for the same purposes! This is only my first year in Student Council, but I am here to try my best and make the most out of it! Let’s create memories that we can’t put into words!

Ward Mohamed Al-asfoor

Sophomore Representative

Hey! My name is Ward and this my second year of being part of the student council. I think the student council is an essential part of any school and I’m extremely happy that my fellow classmates believe that I could make our school years very fun and unforgettable! I’m very excited to see what new and entertaining events me and the student council will put together this year especially during these circumstances we’re living with because of covid 19.

Zainab Jameel Alghanah

Sophomore Representative

I’m Zainab Alghanah, who’s here to make a change. As a member of the HS student council, I intend to serve my class with utmost dedication and be a model for those who follow. With an excellent academic background and phenomenal performances in co-curricular activities, I am confident to successfully lead a team to organize and host events, programs, and activities in school. In the time ahead, I am determined to give my best contributions in council meetings and integrate creativity to make events and programs through technology.

Aaruni Choudhary

Freshmen Representative

Hi! I am Aaruni Choudhary, I have been in MKS since Nursery, and this is my third consecutive year in the Student Council. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for electing me to be your representative. I am thrilled to be on the student council because it provides me with the platform and opportunity to listen to all of your ideas, work with you all, and implement the creative ideas and feedback to make this year more productive and memorable. My vision is that each of us should work towards having a positive impact on others lives, have a substantial contribution in developing the community, and continue to build our knowledge and skills. I’m looking forward to an exciting and successful year together!!

Abdulrahman Ahmed

Freshmen Representative

Hi Dragons, my name is Abdulrahman and I am in the 9th grade, I am one of the members of the student council. I choose to participate in this council because I wanted to make many things better in MKS, I have many capabilities that prepare me for this duty, including leadership skills and I consider myself a very social person I am great at making friends whatever their backgrounds, this will affect me and change my thinking positively because it teaches me new things and this will give me more ideas for the future. I would love to hear any thoughts or problems you have. This year I am excited to do many things, I have a lot in mind.

Lujain Hasan

Freshmen Representative

My name is Lujain Hasan. The experience that made me a good fit for the council is my practice with listening and communication skills. These skills helped me be the link between the school admonition and my peers. They help me communicate and listen to the students suggestions, and then later inform the teachers. I also am very open minded and flexible so reaching me won’t be a problem. I am excited to be able to contribute in making this year unforgettable.

Salman AlKhalifa

Freshmen Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Salman AlKhalifa and I’m proud to be part of the High School Student Council this year! My experiences were being part of the Middle School Student Council, The National Junior Honer Society, and Representing MKS for INJAZ. This year, I’m super excited because I’ll be a part of a special community and I’ll give all the students in my grade level (9) an opportunity to improve in their studies such as after school lessons or tutoring incase they are struggling for homework or for an upcoming test. I’m also intrigued to hear different suggestions and ideas coming from students.