Activities at MKS

Trips, Clubs, and Events

Activities at MKS

Greetings, and welcome to another fun-filled year of learning at Modern Knowledge Schools! 

I couldn’t be more thrilled to join with our incredible staff, students, and parents for another exciting year full of field trips, club activities, events, and international excursions. 

The activities program at MKS is designed to extend and reinforce the educational program and create a strong sense of identity and belonging in our students. At MKS, we seek to provide wholesome recreational activities, build student morale, honor outstanding achievement, and develop opportunities for real-world learning. We also encourage a strong appreciation and love for the culture, history, and customs of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Before students walk through the gates in September, we plan a rigorous year of programming touching every subject and across a variety of interests. The extracurricular program is organized into four categories: international trips, domestic field trips, student clubs and organizations, and events and activities. Take a look at the lists below to get an idea of what we are offering. 

This year, we have a special focus on STEAM based learning and Sustainability. Both of these programs are linked with the academic subjects and offer innovative opportunities for hands-on learning. I’m excited to see where our students and staff take us in these initiatives. Take a look at the lists below to get an idea of some of the programs we offer. And check us out on Instagram and Facebook to see photos of events and activities!

Our goal is that every child at MKS will participate in extracurricular programs aligned to their interests and abilities. Thank you for joining us on this journey of learning! 

Brandon K. Bankes 
Student Activities Coordinator 
Modern Knowledge Schools 

Specific programs of interest: 

  • ES Student Council
  • ES My Sky Engineering Center Collaboration 
  • ES Music and Dance Shows
  • MS Enrichment Program
  • MS Health Awareness Programs
  • HS Musical Theatre Program
  • HS Women’s Empowerment Camps
  • HS Cultural Dress Shows
  • School-wide National Day programs
  • School-wide Sports Day programs
  • School-wide choral music programs

International Trips 

  • Grade 8 Ras Al Khaimah Challenging Adventure Camp (annual) 
  • Middle School Dubai Football Tournament (new 19/20) 
  • Grade 10 Paris, France Cultural Excursion (annual) 
  • Grade 11 Cyprus Environmental Studies Trip (annual)
  • Grade 12 Dubai University Visit Trip (annual) 
  • Grade 11/12 Dubai Football Tournaments (new 19/20) 
  • Grade 11/12 Vietnam Service Trip (new 19/20)