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Dear Modern Knowledge Elementary Families,

Welcome to the 2023/2024 school year! I am so pleased to be returning to MKS as the Elementary Principal.  This year, we will have a strong focus on providing a high level of engaging instruction for all students and will work hard to bridge any gaps that students may have.  At the same time, we will ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn in a supportive and positive environment in order to foster a love of learning!

At the Elementary School, we will continue to have high academic standards for all students, while at the same time providing opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking, hands-on, and creative learning experiences.  All staff at the Elementary School are committed to the school’s mission of developing respectful, responsible, global-minded citizens that contribute to creating a more peaceful world.  Our teachers promote this with engaging lessons aligned to the AERO Standards and that provide students with opportunities to build 21st Century skills. The staff at the Elementary School take pride in getting to know each individual student in order to provide the best possible learning environment. 

It is also important that we continue to grow our partnership with parents by providing opportunities for involvement and education.  Our parents are always welcome to provide feedback and we are looking forward to working together to create the best possible school for our students.

I am so grateful to be returning to this amazing community and am looking forward to collaborating with you in order to make this an outstanding school year. 


Marlies Kreutzberger

MS Marlies Kreutzberger

Elementary Principal

MS Tiana Cooley

ES Vice Principal

Ms Manal El Chaer

Asst. Principal for Administration
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Grade 1 Counselor

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Grade 2 Counselor

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Grade 3 Counselor

Ms Zainab Almudaweb

Grade 4 Counselor

Ms Mariam Ebrahim

Grade 5 Counselor

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