KG Code of Conduct

Code of Student Conduct

All students have rights and responsibilities. Students have the right to receive a quality education free from disruptions of all kinds. Students have the responsibility to follow all school rules, respect school property and show consideration and courtesy for fellow students and staff members.


Modern Knowledge Schools expect students to attend classes regularly. In cases of illness or family emergencies, parents or guardian must notify the Kindergarten school by 8:00am. If an extended absence cannot be avoided, the Principal must be informed in writing.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late must report to the KG office to ensure their attendance is recorded before entering the classroom. Late Pick Ups Our school hours are from 7:30 am to 1:00pm. Students may stay until 1:30pm. Late collections must be approved in advance.

Kindergarten School Day

The Kindergarten uses a schedule of Seven (7) 30- minutes and Two (2) 60 minutes instructional periods in a day. There is a Nutrition and Playground Break of 30 minutes each during the school day.

Healthy Snacks

It is important that young child have an opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast before school. All Kindergarten students need to bring in a healthy snack. We would prefer you not to bring in sweets, fizzy drinks, cakes, doughnuts or cookies.

Class Placement

For the social and emotional well being of your child, students are placed within our class levels based on our placement guidelines.

Nursery Class age 3 years old by September 1st

K1 Class age 4 years old by September 1st

K2 Class age 5 years old by September 1st

A Placement Test is given to all students before entering a class level.

The Kindergarten Grading System

The Report of Academic Achievement is a summary of the progress of the child’s developmental growth physically, socially and academically.

The Report of Academic Achievement is tracked quarterly to ensure the child is succeeding in all subjects.

The scale for this level is:

N = Not Yet Evident

P = Progressing/Developing

A = Achieved N/A Not addressed.


Homework is compulsory for all students and can come in many forms. Aims of Homework:

• To consolidate work done in class

• To establish good work habits and a proper attitude to study

• To keep parents informed of the type of work being done in school


MKS provides a complete list of required text books for each Kindergarten class level. The books may be purchased from our bookstore.

School Supplies

MKS Kindergarten Office will provide a complete list of required school supplies


MKS MS requires all students to dress daily in our designated school Uniform. Kindergarten students wear plain white shirts with light grey pants by boys and a dark green jumper for girls. For their safety, students should always wear proper shoes with socks or tights. For physical education classes, Kindergarten students wear a white t-shirt with our blue MKS emblem and blue sweat pants. Kindergarten students should also wear sport shoes when having their P.E. lesson.

Field Trips

Field trips provide young learners with opportunities to experience their curriculum outside the school environment. Students can only attend a field trip if the consent form has been signed by a parent and returned before the event. Cost of each field trip varies due to the activities being provided.

Birthday Parties

We hold our birthday parties on the last Thursday of each month for students who have a birthday in that month. Parents are encouraged to the birthday party meetings and help with the planning of their child’s event.

Special Events

Occasionally we will be holding Special Events in the school to help enhance the learning of our Kindergarten students. Some of these events include helping the community. We believe by helping others, we are promoting good morals and values in our students. We hope you will help your child take part in all of these events.


We encourage constant communication between the home and the school. There will be parent-teacher conferences scheduled throughout the year. As well, should your parent wish to communicate with a teacher or the Principal, please phone the school secretary to make an appointment as staff and Principals are not always readily available.

Kindergarten School Tel: 17811591

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(Educational Needs) 39625554

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