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Modern Knowledge Schools’ athletic programs maintain an outstanding reputation for excellence. MKS believes that participation in athletics is an integral component of a student's overall development. Participation in physical education improves self confidence, self esteem and self control. Through physical education, students are given the opportunity to compete and learn the valuable lessons of teamwork. When physical education is treated as a vital life skill- as important as reading, writing, and mathematics- children learn that exercise is important and exercise becomes a lifelong habit!

The goals of the MKS athletic program are closely aligned with the Mission, Philosophy and Beliefs of the school. The physical education goals are:

Kindergarten students begin to learn the importance of physical activity at this early age. As students try new movements, they are developing social, emotional and physical skills. MKS kindergarteners develop gross motor skills through hopping, jumping, skipping, running and sliding. They are encouraged to experiment with changes in speed and direction in their games. Balance is an important skill which builds strength and concentration. Students develop throwing, catching and kicking skills with balls and bean bags. Good sportsmanship is stressed as students take turns and work together in teams. Students participate in daily physical activity designed to promote all these skills.

MKS elementary encourages students to excel in both academic and athletic ability and achievement. Elementary students compete in grade level team sports and academic activities such as

Middle and high school students are required to participate in the MKS physical education program. The program designed to enhance the physical, mental and social/emotional development of every student. All middle and high school students have the opportunity to participate in sports programs outside the regular curricular physical education program if they choose. MKS is a member of the Bahrain Private School Sports League and competes in the following sports:

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Ali Shakeeb

GCC Gold Medalist | National Team Captain | Manama Club Captain

Rose Fayez

Football National Team

Hassan Dadallah

Basketball National Team

Salman Ahmad

2nd Degree Black Belt Martial Artists, Bahrain National Team

Ali Madeh

Basketball National Team